Car LED Lamps – A Guide To The Uses And Types

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Installation of car LED lamps is becoming quite common in the current age. Most of the new cars have pre-installed lamps; however some people get them installed after they buy it. Though, the items are same, but the purpose varies according to a person’s intention.


A lamp can be used for the following reasons:

1. For Decoration – many people want it for the decoration of their car. Their only initiative is that their car looks good, and customized. This means adding light inside the car, or under the bumper of the car.

2. For Indication – the lights are used to make it more noticeable to the other driver.

This mostly involves putting up tail-LED lights or lamps. Usually these are inbuilt in a car when you buy it, but they might need a replacement after some time.

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3. Interior lighting-the major purpose of car LED lamps is to provide lighting inside the vehicle, rather than the outside. The motivation behind this can vary from person to person; some might use it for increasing the visibility of everything at night, while others might have trouble seeing at night.

Types of the LED -lamps:

With the current competition, different types of lamps are being introduced in the market with different features and specifications. Highlighting all of them is not possible, but mentioned below are the four basic types.

• Application based lights – these lights are customized according to the users’ needs. These are the basic LED -lights that we see everywhere connected to a sustaining power source. They provide a higher degree of functionality as compared to the style.

• High powered LED lights – these are relatively new, and provide faster and denser light. They are ideal for indicative purpose, and perfect if you have trouble seeing, however the brightness can be a little problematic for the user.

• Alphanumeric lights – this is a basic style of lights in which the light is arranged in the lamp to form the numbers and alphabets. These are mostly used in the form of clocks, but can be customized. These are used in the interior of the car rather than the exterior.

• Miniature car LED lamps – the name is a clear identification that they are quite small in the size. They are available in different colors, but yellow is the most common. Due to their size, they are susceptible to damage, hence are protected by heat controlling devices. Moreover, they are mostly used to decorate.

• Colored LED lamps – these are most effectively used as decorative lights, but can also be used for a visual purpose. These are quite small and are available in a variety of colors. In addition to this, there are some which change color according to the settings you set them on. You can arrange them in the way you want, or just place the lamp wherever you want to place it in the car.